Back Story: “I was told the Bloody Mary I know is Queen Mary1. She was the daughter of the King of England, and half sister to Queen Elizabeth.”

Ritual: “You go into the bathroom, and turn out the lights and shut the door. Then you look into the mirror for 10 to 15 seconds. After that you close your eyes, and then turn in a complete circle 3x while chanting the words..” Bloody Mary”, also saying them 3x as you are turning.  At the end you stop face the mirror, and then open your eyes.”

Result: “After the ritual is complete Bloody Mary is supposed to come out of the mirror at you, maybe doing you harm. Or you may just see her staring back at you. I was told what happens to you depends on the purity of your heart, as to weither your hurt or not.”

Experience: “When I was about 5 or 6 yrs old at thanksgiving with our whole family there us kids were in the upstairs bathroom and one of my cousins said that we should try it. All of us chickened out, but one of my cousins. She closed the bathroom door and did the whole Bloody Mary thing. All that I know is all of the sudden she came flying out of the bathroom screaming her head off, the bathroom mirror was completely broken , and she then threw herself down the stairs. She was taken to the hospital and then to a mental facility for about 6 months to a year. I’m not claiming that is was because of the whole Bloody Mary thing but I don’t have anything else to explain it , and neither does anyone else in the family..”

Other Comments From Belinda: ” I don’t recomend that anyone try it because I, or the person doing it really doesn’t know what can happen. Maybe people get so scared that their minds can’t handle the fear and that causes them to freak out. I don’t really know , and to tell you the truth don’t want to find out either.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Belinda’ from Tacoma, Washington for submitting this legend!