Back Story: “The story of bloody mary has been twisted and changed so much that i think if she were real, it would be hard to tell which ritual summons her, we dont have our own story down here, but probably just variations.
Mary was a young girl who was beautiful with darak brown hair, she had a torured life with parents who didnt care about her, her father was a murderer and had even threatened to kill mary and her mother, one day mary woke up to find her mother gone, her first thought was her father had murdered her, but she later found out her mother had run away, this made mary’s dad very angry and he took it on her and bashed her to near death.
One fateful night mary couldnt take it any more, Depressed, she went up to her parents bedroom and stood infront of her mirror, she began crying and scratching at hers eyes until they bled she then leant over to grab the scissors on the bedside table, but she tripped over falling through the mirror smashing it into millions of tiny peices, she died there covered in broken glass and blood, when her father found her he locked her in a case and threw the case in a lake near by he then got the mirror re-glassed and sold it.”

Ritual: “it’s said that if you say her name 3 times, in a completely dark room looking into a mirror.”

Result: “Mary is supposed to appear and hunt you in mirrors, you can stop her by closing your eyes but you cant avoid mirrors forever.
and if your to late, she will make you scratch your eyes out, then fall through the mirror, just like she did.”

Other Comments From Somebody: “the only way to destroy mary forever, is to find the exact mirror where she died, and dispose of it fully.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Somebody’ from¬†Victoria,¬†Australia for submitting this legend.