What we want to make ABSOLUTELY clear about the stories on this page, is that to the best of our knowledge, these stories are 100 percent true. We DO NOT host fiction here.

We all love to hear a good story, and some of us enjoy telling them. The point of this page is to understand and learn. If someone has had something happen to them that they can’t explain, I want them to be able to come here, read some of these things, and realize that THEY ARE NOT ALONE! Someone out there has gone through a similar situation, and here’s what we learned about it. Which is why honesty, and truth are so important in the stories.

There are two different types of stories we have on the site. The first type is the normal ‘as long as you want it to be’ stories, and the other is what we call ‘Quickies.’

The big ones are usually very detailed. Quickies are meant to be only one or two paragraphs, fast and VERY easy to read.
Here’s what we’re looking for in submissions:

First off, when you email them, please be clear as to the title of your story, and PLEASE indicate that you’re submitting a story for the stories page. I know, it’s silly, but it helps me sort through things. You have no idea how many emails I get for Lord knows what. I’d appreciate it.

Longer Stories:

You don’t have to be a ‘writer’ or author. All we ask is that you understand punctuation and sentence structure. Just tell your story. It can be as long as you need it to be, but I would suggest you keep it reasonable. I wouldn’t expect someone to want to come here and read a book. Be 100 percent truthful. If you’re writing your story, and you can’t remember what really happened, DO NOT make something up, just write that you can’t remember. There’s nothing wrong with not being able to remember certain details. That’s about it.


These are easier. Sometimes weird things happen, they happen quick, and then they’re done, and that’s all that needs said. Keep them short and simple. Not a lot of detail is necessary here. Again, be truthful.

Just be honest about your story so everyone can learn from it. Tell it in your own words as if you were telling it to a bunch of friends. If profanity is necessary, try to keep it appropriate and don’t go too crazy. (whatever that means)

We’re very much looking forward to reading them.

Submit stories to BeyonderBill@yahoo.com