Back Story: “Mary was a very pretty girl, and one day she went and crashed her car. She died in the accident, but before she had her face was bashed up, making her look horrific. Her spirit still roams in mirrors and whoever summons her she will tear off his/her face, making him/her look just as horrific.”

Ritual: 1.Go into a room with a mirror and turn off all the lights.
2.Chant ‘Bloody Mary’ 3 to 5 times, facing the mirror.
3.Turn on the lights.”

Result: “Bloody Mary will appear in the mirror and kill you by clawing of your face, sometimes just messing it up by clawing your face with her nails. It will usually end painfully.”

Experience: “I once saw the result on the internet, researching. Bloody Mary clawed the invoker and blood was all over the mirror. I stopped watching because I panicked.¬† It might have been fake, but it was so realistic I think it really happened.”

Other Comments From Mimi: “Please, I’m begging you…don’t try this. I don’t want people to die just because I posted this. Too risky don’t do it HEY I SEE YOU HEADING TO THE BATHROOM WAIT!!!! its commiting suicide please don’t do it!!!!”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Mimi’ from¬†Newton, New Jersey for submitting this legend.