This section of The Beyond is designed for one purpose only. It’s to clarify the difference between wanton wishful thinking, and the realm of REAL possibility. Sometimes, often in fact, the line between the two becomes very blurred. The paranormal research field is plagued with the devout use of unreliable methods, and undisciplined scrutiny of ‘so called’ evidence.

The Unearthing Evidence section is designed to give you the tools to find your evidence, and weigh it properly against common sense, and stupidity. To the left, and under our navigation menu, you’ll see another menu that has all of the pages of our Unearthing Evidence section. There’s a lot of information about paranormal investigation, and how to go about capturing E.V.P. or even photographic evidence. There are even a few tutorials in there, and I hope you can get something positive out of it.

In the meantime…


Science Vs. Pseudoscience

Here’s the thing. Like I said, this section is about scientifically using gizmos, gadgets, and scientific methodology to find evidence of the paranormal. Unfortunately, there’s one truth that is hard for a lot of us to wrap our brains around.

It’s all a bunch of pseudo-scientific bullshit.

There is no science here.  For this ‘research field’ to be scientific, we would need some sort of lab. The point of the lab is to ensure a controllable environment in order to test hypotheses. We need to conduct experiments with variables that we can control. This is the ONLY way to gain facts. Forget about turning those hypotheses into scientific laws when we can’t even do the experiments properly.


The Scientific Method

The entire paranormal research field is one giant untestable hypothesis. Below is a diagram of the scientific method. I snagged it from Wikipedia, and altered it slightly to explain things a little better.

If you look at the diagram above, you’ll notice that I’ve shaded a few of the figures, and made another one red. The ones that remain white, and untouched are the ONLY things that we’re capable of doing properly in the paranormal research field.

  • We can “Make Observations.”
  • We can “Think of Interesting Questions” based on the observations that we made.
  • We can “Formulate Hypotheses” and ideas based on the questions we’ve asked.
  • We CANNOT “Develop Testable Predictions.” To test our predictions, we need proof that what we’re experimenting on actually exists. Assuming that it does exist, we have no tangible knowledge of it. What is its nature? What type of variables are we dealing with? Without a controllable environment, we can’t even truly begin.
  • We CAN “Gather Data to Test Predictions,” but we have no real knowledge or consistency about where that data comes from, or how we interpret it. We gather photographs of dust floating around in the air, call them orbs, and say that they’re evidence of ghosts. If this is the kind of data we’re gathering, maybe we’re doing it wrong. Whaddya think?
  • We cannot “Refine, Alter, Expand , Or Reject Hypotheses” because we can’t even properly gather data, and have no idea what we’re doing. How do we refine, and expand nothing?
  • Lastly, I’ve shaded this one in red because it, in my mind MAY be the biggest problem facing the paranormal research field. “Develop General Theories“… In other words, cluelessly “make shit up.” Now if you have the ability to consistently, and correctly do the scientific method outlined in the diagram, obviously developing theories is the next, and correct logical step. For those of us in the paranormal research field, it’s irresponsible at best. We have nothing leading to a theory, NO DATA at all! So we make shit up! Please, guys. Stop that!


So, do we just give up?

Until Egon Spengler shows up with a trap in his hand, and a ghost in the trap, we have nothing REAL that we can do CONTROLLABLE experiments on!

So, we have to wing it. Those of you who are hard lined scientists, possibly even cynics, I get it. This type of pseudoscience will never work for you. The thing is… We know there’s something out there. We can’t just give up. We have to keep moving forward because, frankly it’s an obsession for a lot of us, and we don’t know what else to do.

So, how do we move forward, KNOWING that our methods suck?

We have to take the methods that we use, and TRY to make them as much like a science as possible. That means being strict with our thinking. That means being heartbroken when we have to throw evidence away that might not make the grade. This means being willing to admit that you screwed up, and your evidence ain’t evidence at all.

With that line of thinking, we MAY be able to make enough progress so that it actually becomes a real science.


Proof Vs. Evidence

What is Proof?

Proof of paranormal events are almost impossible to quantify. In my eyes, there are two different types of proof involved in paranormal research.

  • Personal Proof The first type of proof is what I call “Personal Proof.” Many of us have had personal FIRST HAND experiences that we KNOW in our hearts and minds that there are no natural explanations for. We have no real evidence that we’ve experienced these things. We just KNOW that we’ve seen or heard things that should otherwise be considered impossible. That’s all the proof we need. Unfortunately, it is unquantifiable, and completely without credibility. We can’t use it to convince anyone of anything. This doesn’t make it any less real.
  • Factual Proof This is solid quantifiable proof that you can show other investigators, and your peers to convince them that you’ve proven a haunting. It has been corroborated by multiple mediums of evidence leading to a 100% factual conclusion. This type of proof cannot be questioned as it is completely factual. This type of proof has never existed in the paranormal research field.

What is Evidence?

Evidence is the stepping stones that lead to “Factual Proof.” In paranormal research, real evidence is extremely elusive, and as stated above, Factual Proof is nearly, if not completely impossible. Evidence is simply a trail of breadcrumbs that you HOPE will lead to that proof. In paranormal research, that has NEVER happened.


In all likelihood, it never will, which is why finding the most solid trail of breadcrumbs is so crucial to maintaining credibility in your own work. The evidence you find will NEVER be air-tight, but the stronger your evidence, the closer you get to Factual Proof. Although you will most likely never obtain that proof, your goal should ALWAYS be to get as close as possible. That means that you must be hard, skeptical, and sometimes even cynical about your own evidence. You must also demand that your paranormal peers are as well.

Because of these truths, the rules of what constitutes as evidence of the paranormal must be graded on a curve of probability. How reliable, or credible are our trail of breadcrumbs?


How Do I Capture Paranormal Evidence?

Below are a few links to send you deeper into The Beyond to learn about capturing your own evidence, and possibly more importantly, how to decide whether or not it belongs in the trash.

Ya know what? Let’s start with that. The banner Below is a link to our Evidence Analysis page. Click it to learn the basics.

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