Back Story: “Despite gowing up in Tacoma, I never heard of Ted Bundy until I was in the seventh grade, and at a youth night sleepover at the church I was currently attending One of the girls there claimed Bloody Mary was one of his victims, and of course, we had to play the game after THAT comment. I’d never heard of the game previously, but I’ve never heard of this variant since.”

Ritual: “Unlike a lot of variants I’ve seen, you have to be in a PUBLIC restroom. You shut off the lights, switch on a flashlight, then knock on each stall five times, chanting ‘Bloody Mary’ until you’re finished. Then you turn to the mirror, shut your eyes, and say ‘I know Ted Bundy, Bloody Mary!'”

Result: “After this, she will burst forth from the mirror and take her vengeance upon the nearest person, namely you.”

Other Comments From Zaelle: ” I’ve played the game too many times to count, and being a total skeptic, am always the one left in the bathroom when everyone runs out screaming. It’s a scary game, very psychological. I think more than anything, it reveals just how capable we are of scaring ourselves. After I’ve played the game, strange things happen. Somebody sees a ghost, somebody gets hurt, somebody gets a strange phone call. Maybe its a karma thing, and in the end we’re just opening ourselves up for fear. Totally possible.”

Personal Note: Damn right it’s possible. You have no idea how many times my friends and I would go out of our way to scare ourselves. After all, its a LOT of fun to feel that way sometimes.

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Zaelle’ from Tacoma, Washington for submitting this legend!