This is a little checklist for you beginner ghost hunters & investigators out there. Only 9 items are listed, and they should start you out on the right track!


An Open Mind

This is the most important thing that you can possess in this field, and it’s free. Most people don’t know what an open mind really is. They believe that to have an open mind, is to believe in ghosts and stuff. This is only HALF of the truth. You MUST also be willing to admit that orbs may be nothing more than dust, or that haunting that you’ve heard so much about is a complete load of bullshit. Lose your ego, and be willing, and even EXCITED to be completely WRONG.


Pencil or Pen

How you gonna write stuff down about things if you ain’t got nothing to write with? Early on in your investigation career, having something to write with is more important than any other time. Because, you’re new at the whole thing, you’ll want to take notes. You’ll want to listen to things that other investigators say, and make a note to remember these things. Not every bit of wisdom is available on the net.



Here’s a novel idea… Have some paper to write on! Again, not everything is available on the Internet for your consumption. While you’re in the field, you’ll learn things that you’ll want to jot down. You’ll also want to keep records of your investigations. For example, what time certain things happen or sounds are heard, are very important things to remember to look back on to learn from. You never know what may be useful later.



Telling time is important. You need a clock, stopwatch, wristwatch, or something else that tells time accurately. Some paranormal events only happen at certain times of the day, and without a clock, how are you gonna be ready? Look at the sun? What if something happens, and you have to take notes. You gotta write down what time things happen. This is a no brainer.



Flashlights are completely necessary to conduct a safe and productive investigation. You need to be able to see where your going, and what you’re doing, or bad accidents can happen. There are many different kinds of flashlights to consider, and they vary in price. You may want one with a red tint to reduce glare. How about one of those new LED ones that don’t even need batteries? Do you want one that will attach to your head? It’s all personal preference.



Cameras are ABSOLUTELY necessary for a hunt or investigation. Every beginner should have one because it MIGHT gain you your first glimpse at a larger universe. They can however be expensive, depending on what you want. As a beginner, just use what you already own. Don’t go spending your money on something new.


Audio Recorder

Most investigators bring an audio recorder on investigations. The reason for this, is to record interviews with a client, or to record EVP. If you are not familiar with EVP, please check out our EVP Page, and you’ll get yourself up to speed. Due to their cost, I wouldn’t recommend buying one unless you’re REALLY ready to start getting serious about paranormal research. Otherwise, I’d just search around the house for an old tape recorder AND an external microphone.


Infrared Thermometer

Many hunters believe that spirits suck up the energy in the air in order to manifest themselves, leaving a ‘cold spot’ in the air. If that’s true, who knows, but an infrared thermometer can instantly measure the exact degrees of the drop in temperature. Seeing this happen can be an exciting experience. These things can be expensive so be committed if you’re going to spend the money.


Electromagnetic Field (E.M.F.) Meter

Aside from a brain, many investigators consider this to be the most important piece of equipment that a ghost hunter can possess. Unfortunately, you can’t buy it in a store. Believe me. I’ve looked. If you’re really interested in owning one, you’ll have to get one online. To start, I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of money on one. The Cell Sensor, pictured to the left is a pretty inexpensive model, and common buy for a beginner. Check out our Meters Page for more info!


I hope you found this little checklist useful. I’ve kept it short to keep it simple. In truth, all of these items aren’t REALLY necessary except for the first one.