Back Story: “Long ago, i’m not sure how long ago there was a husband and a wife. I’m not sure what the husbands name is, but the wife’s name was Mary. Her husband had a woodchipper that passed down from generations to generations. He chopped wood and the wood he didn’t need, he threw into the woodchipper. Now, one night, Mary and her husband got into an argument because she was pregnant. In the middle of the night, her husband got up, and took her out of bed. He threw her into the wood chipper. The next day the cops came and asked what happened. Mary’s husband got sent to jail..”

Ritual: “Go into the bathroom, completely dark with one candle. Turn on the foccit (or TAP) and have someone flush the toilet as you say Bloody Mary three times. As you’re saying this, turn as well. Then look into the mirror and she will appear with her unborn baby and a knife. If you turn on the lights she will kill you, if you don’t she will attempt to kill you, but vanish if unsuccesful. If she is unsuccessful, she will haunt you everytime you look into a mirror when its dark..”

Result: “I’ve tried it with friends and family and we said that it was the most scariest thing thats happened to us. The next week, one of my family members died and they were 100 percent healthy.”

Experience: “I’ve tried it with my friends in a hotel room. I didn’t see anything but my friend said that he saw and felt something.”

Other Comments From Kaitie: “Try this at your own risk!! I don’t recommend doing this but if you want to risk your life, go ahead! Its the most scariest thing you will ever do…trust me!!!!!! DONT DO IT PLEASE!!!”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Kaitie’ fromĀ Canton, Michigan for submitting this legend.