Back Story: “In Minnesota the bloody mary story goes way back. If you’ve ever seen the movie Fargo when the man chops up someone in a wood chipper you’ll know what i’m talking about. Mary was part wicker and she was an¬† old woman who lived in her cottage in the woods. Her husband although frail was a wood chopper. Once he was done chopping he would put the pieces of wood he didn’t need in his grand old wood chipper passed down from generations to generations. One night after supper the old couple had had an argument mary had cooked up a devious plan to kill her husband for not listening to her. She would carry him from his bed and put him in the wood chipper. So late at night she crept up to the man in his deep slumber and out of the window right into the wood chipper. That morning the police came to see what was wrong and they saw mary standing over the chipping of her husband. They took her to the police car but she got out and chanted a spell and she dissapered into the mirror on the bathroom door.the police never saw her again.”

Ritual: “You go into the bathroom at night without any light showing and you lock the doors and chant bloody mary 3 times without anyone else in the room. Look carefully into the mirror for 2 minutes.”

Result: “You should see your reflection with horns on your head and a devilish look in your eyes. After for 13 days mary will haunt you in your dreams.”

Experience: “No i’ve never seen it work but my brother has and he wouldn’t talk about and he wouldn’t let me go in there to try it because he didn’t want me to indure the same pain he did.”

Other Comments From Sushi Ice: “Try it at your own risk!!!”

Personal Note: Oh geez. You’re right! This story sounds like Fargo don’tcha know? Yah! Yah! You betcha.

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Sushi Ice’ from¬†Prior Lake, Minnesota¬†for watchng Fargo.