Back Story: “Mary Monroe was a local woman who went insane and killed her children. She was put in an insane ansylum. Mary was a great beauty, she used to spend hours looking in her mirror. Mary went so mad that she would cut her wrist and tear at her  face and hair. She died 5 years later from unknown causes.”

Ritual: “To summon Bloody Mary, you have to stand in front of a mirror in a darken room. You have to place candles on each side of the mirror. You are suppose to chant ” Bloody Mary, Blood Mary, I have your babies Bloody Mary.” 13 times while slowly spinning infront of the mirror.”

Result: “It’s said the she will tear at your face, either killing you, leaving you once she is done or pulling you into the mirror with her to replace her children.”

Other Comments From Samii Rae: “I never did this because Monroe is my grandmother’s madien name.”

Personal Note: Oh geez. You’re right! This story sounds like Fargo don’tcha know? Yah! Yah! You betcha.

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Samii Rae’ from Kalamzoo, Michigan for submitting this legend.