Back Story: “The legend starts out with a women named “Mary”. She had many false pregnancy and miscarriages. One day, at 9 months pregnant, she was brushing her hair in front of a full-length mirror. That very same day, a wood chopper broke into her home and hid behind the curtains. He hacked her to death, her blood splattered onto the mirror and he took her baby.”

Ritual: “Go to a washroom, turn off all the lights. Open the tap to let the water run and light up 3 white candles. You can either close your eyes and chant “Bloody Mary” three times and then open your eyes to find her standing in the mirror. Another version that I’ve heard was if you chant “Mary, I am your baby” three times, she would come out as well.”

Result: “If you chanted “Bloody Mary” three times, she would come out of the mirror and scratch your face and go back into the mirror.

However, if you chant “Mary, I am your baby”, Mary is supposed to come out and kill you as an attempt to bring you into the mirror world.”

Experience: “I’ve done it several times with my friends when I was a kid and nothing happened. However, my cousin who claimed he did it, came out with a scratch on his face.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Ju_cybebe’ fromĀ Toronto, Ontario, Canada for submitting this legend.