When we KNOW all the answers in a subject, or have all the facts, we stop learning. Our ego makes us closed minded. FAR TOO MANY people in the paranormal community have stopped learning because they think that they have the answers. They call themselves ‘experts’.

This site is a study of ghosts, spooks, urban legends, cryptids, demons, paranormal investigation, paranormal movies & TV,  Ghost Hunting equipment, Ouija Boards, divination, and everything in between. Unlike pretty much every other site on the net, we’re studying these things from a place of ignorance, and not knowledge based on bad theories or ravings of people who want to be paranormal gurus.rightface

We’re not going to lie, or make things up to fill our own egos. We’re not going to give you bad information. We’re not going to force our spiritual beliefs on you. We’re not going to tell you all this crap you read everywhere else because as far as we know, it’s simply not true.

The REAL truth is, people will tell you things. They’ll talk about mediums, and Ouija Boards, ‘energies’, batteries draining on paranormal investigations, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. NONE of us have the answers, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. There are far too many ‘experts’ and not enough students. Think for yourself.