How does it work?

Two or more people sit, and put the board on their lap, table, or floor. They put the planchette on the board. That’s that little heart shaped thingy with the hole in it. They place their hands on the planchette, and start asking questions. At that point, it spells out the answers.

There are many theories about what is really happening when people use the board. None of these theories can be proven beyond a ‘reasonable doubt’ or with any degree of certainty. It all comes down to your own experience and what YOU believe.

It all boils down to two major lines of thinking.

  1. Ghosts and spirits are moving the pointer, giving you information from beyond.
  2. Ouija players move the pointer themselves either consciously for whatever reason, or they are fooling themselves into thinking that they’re talking to spirits by moving it subconsciously.

Which one is true?


Two opposing theories…

What’s really going on when people use a Talking Board? Are we talking to something from beyond, or are we subconsciously answering our own questions by pushing the pointer? Here are some theories about what COULD be happening.


Ideomotor Effect:

The short definition for this is, involuntary and unconscious motor behavior caused by suggestion or other outside influence. In other words, you’re pushing the damn thing, and you don’t even know that you’re doing it! It’s akin to self hypnosis. You ask the questions. Deep inside, somewhere your subconscious knows the answer, and it forces your hands to spell it out on the board. Pure logic.

Argument Against The Ideomotor Effect:

If what’s stated above is true, then why does the board sometimes tell you things that are IMPOSSIBLE for you, or your subconscious to know? For example, the board telling you the maiden name of a strange woman that you’ve never met, only to meet her later, and find out that the board was right. (I have PERSONALLY witnessed the board give knowledge that was IMPOSSIBLE to otherwise learn. I have no evidence of this, but my word. I know what I saw. You may choose not to believe me.)


Supernatural Influence:

This theory is pretty self explanatory. Some supernatural being is moving the planchette, and communicating with you from beyond. If this theory is true, then it is considered to be a form of channeling.

Argument Against A Supernatural Influence:

Sorry! That doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t fit the facts. Try blindfolding the players! Watch the gibberish that the board spells out when asked a question. Hell, half the time, it doesn’t even stop on a letter. Ya’d think that a ‘sentient being’ from the other side could get it right. No. The players can’t see the board to push the pointer where THEY want it to go. Plain and simple.


Here’s what I think…

I think both opinions are equally valid. Our motor functions unconsciously move the planchette in a manor that is influenced from channeling the spirits from beyond. Why not?

I believe that we move the pointer ourselves, sometimes without realizing it, and I remember times that I DID realize it. YES. I moved the pointer, and knew I was doing it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I know what you’re thinking. Hear me out.

Under the theory that you ARE in fact channeling a spirit while using the board, the next logical conclusion is that you’re willing to do so. Based on this, the spirit is using YOU to move the planchette, and using YOUR EYES to see the board. That explains the blindfold thing.

Here’s where things begin to get weird, so please bear with me. Things seem symbiotic. If they’re influencing your brain for motor control, and using your eyes, you may actually have access to THEIR line of thinking. It sounds crazy, but I’ve experienced this. You can instinctively know what the board is trying to spell BEFORE the signals move your hands to the letters. At that point, consciously helping the planchette get to its destination would be perfectly acceptable. Would it not? I believe that we DO move the thing, with help, and vice-versa.

I have no proof of any of this. It’s just my theory which seems to fit my experiences, and many arguments. I’m not asking you to agree.

Argument Against What I Think:

I have no argument against this at this time, obviously because it’s what I think! I believe it to be true. If you have a solid argument AGAINST it, let’s hear it! I’m perfectly willing to reevaluate my beliefs on all this stuff if given solid reason.