Back Story: “There are so many. Down under we dont really have one! But there has been a story of bloody marry that ive heard of quiet a few times though. It was in the early 60’s and a women who had no identity was admited to a cyciatric hospital, the staff new nothing about her; she never said a word she spent all day looking at herself in the mirror in her room, the doctors had a theory that she had come from the outside world and had never seen her reflection before. The doctors and staff who carred for her soon gave her the name Marry. One day a staff membert (man) locked marry’s door and tried to rape her! Marry scatched his eye out. She was then after that day keept locked in the room  with only doctors to care for her. One day someone opened the door, marry killed them and ran away. All the doctors thought she had long gone, but she wasnt she was hideing in the tunnels under the hospital until she starved. Staff had found her roteing corps weeks later on the ground beneath her smahsed mirror in the tunnels.”

Ritual: “Im not that stuypid to ever try it. But apparently you have to chant Bloody Marry in the mirror 3 times in the dark with doors and windows locked.”

Result: “your saupposed to see her in the mirror or here her.”

Personal Note: It sucks that you’re not that ‘stuypid’ to try it. I was hoping to get some first hand information.

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Coastle Chic’ from Central coast, New South Wales, Australia for submitting this legend.