Back Story: “her name was mary porter,she was a wicken and thought to be a witch by the towns people.she became preagnet and hid herself away from the town for the term of her preagnancy.there was no recored of the father (some belive it was the mayor of the towns bastard child).the child was decoverd at around the age of 4 months by a women in town who had come to get medican and herd the childs crys.sence there was no recored of the faher nor marys preagnency the towns people belived the child to be the son of satan.the people broke into young marys house locking her in her lavirtory (the bath room) and took the child from her home.the mayor tied the young child in a burlap sack and tosed “it” over “cry baby bridge” giving the bridge its name. it is also said that on halloween night if you go down to the bridge you can still hear the babys crys for help.wail mary was confind to the room the towns people had locked her in it is said that she could feel the pain of her child dying. so in anger and apithy for her child she broke the mirror in the room and making a pact with satan took her owne life with the shards of glass.she vowed to come back and drag the rest of the town or any one who dare stand in her way of vingence to hell with her.”

Ritual: “chant her name bloody mary 3 thimes wale staring into a mirror in a dimly lit room.”

Result: “mary is said to come out of the mirror and drag you head first into the mirror/hell in the prosess your face becomes saverley dissfigured from shards of glass.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘elizabeth moore’ from¬†Barberton, Ohio for submitting this legend and NOT capitalizing ANYTHING.