Questions To Ask The Board

I mentioned elsewhere that it’s a bad idea to use the board without knowing ahead of time the type of questions you plan to ask. So, we’re going to help you out with that.

Obviously, this isn’t a COMPLETE list of questions. It’s simply a short guide to help you get the ball rolling, and to help you think up YOUR OWN questions that you might want to ask.


#1- What Is Your Name?

This is always a good place to start. If it seems that it tells you a nickname, try to go a little deeper, and get the full name.


#2- Were you ever alive on this earth?

The answer to this question will give you an idea on how to proceed. Keep in mind, boards have been known to lie. The next few questions are to be asked if the board answers yes to this question.


If your board answers “Yes” to question #2…

#3- Were you a man, or a woman?

Easy question, yet important. It can also be used for verification on certain things. If it claims to be a woman, and says it’s name is Dave, you know not to believe much that it says.


#4- When were you born? (or you can ask for its birth date)

It’s good to have a general idea of age when it comes to communication. If it’s very old, it may use old style words that may not be widely used today, or speak of old things. Just another clue.


#5- Where did you live? (City, state, country, etc.)

Now we’re getting into some of the more important questions. If you get where it lived, it MAY be possible to verify that information.


#6- Where did you die? (City, state, country, etc.)

It’s just another piece of the puzzle. It will also be interesting to see if these locations are in any way related to where you may be using the board.


#7- How did you die?

This one is VERY important. Many people believe that those on a board are those who had lost their lives in a less than pleasant way. Here we find out, assuming that the board isn’t lying.


#8- Do you have any living relatives?

Again, this is just more thing to verify. If it turns out that the entity has living relatives, it’ll be easier to find out more information.


#9- What are their names?

Once you have names, it shouldn’t be hard to find out if you’re being fed a line of crap, or if it’s the real deal.


#10- Where do they live? (City, state, country, etc.)

The final bit of information to verify. If you know where they live, you can pretty much make a few calls or look on the net and know the truth.

NOTE: This is for verification purposes ONLY! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTACT THE FAMILY!! That will be a big mistake. NOBODY wants to hear from some idiot who thinks they’re talking to a relative of theirs on a Ouija board. DON’T DO IT!


If your board answers “No” to question #2…

#3- What are you?

If it was never alive, and it IS telling the truth, you might want to consider saying ‘Good Bye’ and putting the board away. This question is to find out what you’re dealing with.


Questions to ask at this point are your own discretion. Just take it one question at a time, and if things feel unpleasant, END COMMUNICATION.

Just be sure to let us know how things turn out.