• Are you a writer who’s trying to get the word out about your paranormal site? Pick one of your pages, I’m sure it will be great for our readers, and it’ll be a free link back to you!
  • Do you have something to teach to the world regarding the paranormal?
  • Something in the paranormal field pissing you off?
  • Have an experiment or paranormal project that you’re working on that you’d like to tell people about?
  • Have an idea about something that you’d like to see happen in the field but can’t do yourself?
  • Are you sensitive and feel that psychics are getting a bad rap in paranormal investigation?

We’re looking for writers who have a voice, and wish to share their thoughts on all things paranormal. We are looking for well written articles, editorials, tutorials, or anything in between. Look, whatever you have to say, we want to hear it! Ghosts, investigations, psychics, divination, urban legends, aliens… WHATEVER! We want to hear it. ALSO… All articles written will immediately be sent out to other paranormal websites VIA our Paranormal RSS Feed. You may be getting more readers than expected!

Submission Instructions

Whatever you have on your mind, write a few paragraphs about it. You can send it to me at BeyonderBill@yahoo.com. I’ll put it up on the site for everyone to read. You’ll get full credit, and I’ll link to your site if you have one! If you have images that go along with your writings, you may attach them to the email as well. Sometimes, a good article is punctuated wonderfully by some well placed pictures.

Here are the rules & what you need to know:

We don’t have a lot of rules, as we wish to give every writer the opportunity to say whatever they have in mind, but there ARE a couple that must be observed.

  • All writings sent to us MUST have a title, and an author named.
  • Profanity is okay to make a point if you have to, but please keep it minimal. This has always been a PG-13 site but we avoid blasphemy, and the F word. Please do the same.
  • Your article can be about whatever you wish, but there are a few exceptions. The exceptions are simple. Your article must not be a vehicle to bash a specific investigation team, or website. The article MUST stay within the spirit of this site. (Spooky Stuff)
  • Your article will be EXACTLY what you wrote. We will NOT edit its content. (We reserve the right to help with spelling and punctuation errors.)

Lastly, we’d like to accept everything that is sent to us, but in my time working with this site, I’ve learned that submissions aren’t always legible, and sometimes aren’t even in any real human language. If the article or editorial is written in gibberish, or TOO much of a ‘fixer upper’, I’m afraid we will not be able to publish it.