Make your own Ouija Board!

Making your own talking spirit board is easy to do with VERY little money, or resources. All you REALLY need is a piece of paper, and something to write with. After that, all you need is a shot glass or something to use as a pointer. Simple.

Yeah, you can go buy a board in a store or one of the MUCH more attractive models online, but what if you have no money? What if you don’t like the ones you can buy? If you’re creative, then you can artistically tailor your homemade board to your own personal style.

There are a lot of different ways to do it. About 600 years ago, when I was younger (around 4th or 5th grade), I was in a situation where I was VERY interested in the board, but I had no money. What I did was, I got a large smooth piece of cardboard. I wrote letters and numbers on it in an attempt to make it look like the Parker Brothers board. It looked pretty good, or at least good enough for me.

The planchette was the hard part. I didn’t want to use some big heavy piece of glass, so I had to be inventive. I went down to the local grocery store, and went to the vending machine area in the front of the store. You remember those machines. You could get anything from a super bouncy ball to a handful of slime for a quarter!

So, I went and got some slime. I carefully removed the slime from the plastic egg-canister thingy, and threw it at my sister. I kept the clear dome shaped container, and used it as my planchette. After a little while, and once I realized that you didn’t need a clear piece of plastic or glass, I got more creative and made pointers out of styrofoam and cardboard with a big hole in the center to see the letters through. Bottom line is there are a LOT of possibilities.

Oh, and for the record, that little piece of crap cardboard Ouija with the styrofoam planchette worked better for me than any other board I had ever used.


Lastly, on the making your own issue…

I said making your own board was easy, and I meant it. There are no special tools you need, and you don’t have to be some sort of paranormal guru.You don’t even have to think that your a sensitive, or a medium. All you need is a bit of creativity.

To demonstrate the ease of making a board, I’ve taken 2 minutes, a piece of a cardboard box, 2 pieces of printer paper, 2 pieces of electrical tape, and a sharpie marker, and made a Ouija board. The picture is right there on the left. If you can’t tell how I put all of those ingredients together, you should probably stick to playing on the monkey bars, and leave the creativity to people who can do awesomeness like you see in the picture.

If you intend to make your own board, there is only one real thing to remember.

  • A talking board MUST be smooth, and without anything that will keep the pointer from moving freely on it.

That’s the only rule.

That’s it.


Before I move on, I have two points I would like to make about the ridiculous board pictured above that I made.

The first is, that although it’s only a couple pieces of paper, and it looks like crap, it WILL work. Not only that, it’ll work JUST AS WELL as ANY of those boards bought on the net or in stores. It MAY work even better, as experience has shown me that handcrafted/homemade boards seem to work better than the others. Any explanation as to WHY it works like that would be conjecture. No clue. The bottom line is, no amount of bad art skills will stop it from working the way it’s supposed to.

The last point to make is about the pointer or ‘Planchette’ that I made there. It’s a piece of cardboard cut into a sort of heart shape with a hole in it so you can see the letters.

See the ‘W’ in the picture? Easy right?

I’ve used cardboard pointers like this before. They’re extremely lightweight and smooth. I HIGHLY recommend even veteran Ouija users giving it a try.


Homemade Board Gallery

I’ve been around and looked at a lot of websites. Aside from closed-mindedly denouncing them, MOST websites barely even discuss the board, but the ones that DO actually talk about it have a list of boards that you can purchase from them. That’s all fine and dandy, but instead, I want to showcase YOUR homemade boards.

Let’s forget the 30 year old controversial Anti-Ouija propaganda, and let’s appreciate these boards for what they are, works of art. So PLEASE. If you’ve designed your own board, let us know, We’d LOVE to show it off for you.

If you’re interested in The Beyond putting your handcrafted Talking Board and/or planchette up onto the site for everyone to see, please CLICK HERE!