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Central Berkshire Ghost Hunters:  Investigation team located in Pittsfield Massachusetts. They sometimes go to Southern Vermont too.


Paranormal Field Investigators: These are our paranormal buddies down in Adelaide, Australia.


South Shore Ghost Hunters:  A team of researchers located just south of Boston, Massachusetts.


New England Ghost Project: Make sure you check out their Ghost Chronicles radio show. Believe it or not, I was actually a guest on there one time. :) Couldn’t hear what they were saying to me on the phone, but it was fun.


NKYPS: Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society… Their name should be a good enough description about what they do, and where they are.


Oxford Paranormal Society: Paranormal Investigati0n team based out of Oxford Alabama!


Shadows Paranormal Investigations: Paranormal investigative team located i  Middle Tennessee serving all of middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky.


California Ghost Hunters: They are a paranormal research team based in Orange County. They are proud to serve their community.


Hoosier  Paranormal Research: Paranormal Investigation in South-Central Indiana.


G.L.A.S.S.: They DO NOT ghost hunt. They investigate, and look for facts! THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about! They’re in Wisconsin!


Ghost Unit Analysis Research Detection: Ghost units? EEWWW! Seriously tho, they ghost hunt in Illinois! Good peoples!


Maine Ghost Hunters: Ghost Hunting team in Maine.

Archive X Paranormal Stories: One of the web’s oldest and largest collections of paranormal stories. Read our stories and add your own.

Ghosthound.com: A website about spooky stuff.

Capital Area Paranormal: You won’t find pictures of orbs or a desire for a TV show here. Solid investigation in Lansing, Michigan!


Personal note…

Over the past few years, The Beyond had been going through some technical difficulties, and had been unavailable to the public for a while. However, I’ve finally started getting it back up and running properly. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of information on the site, including most of the Links page. If you had once had a link exchange with The Beyond, and your link is no longer here, please don’t get mad at me! I never meant to break our link exchange. Please send me an email at BeyonderBill@yahoo.com, and let’s get that exchange going again!