Back Story: “One day late at night a little girl named Mary was standing in front of the mirror in her bedroom.¬† Her step mother, jealous of her beauty snuck in the room behind her and snuck up very quietly.¬† While Mary was standing there brushing her hair, and minding her own business.¬† Her step mother killed her.¬† And the spirit of the little girl Mary got trapped in¬† a mirror.¬† Waiting for the day she could carry out her revenge.”

Ritual: “I’ve heard if you chant Bloody Mary three times while spinning in front of a mirror she will appear.¬† But it could take anywhere from three to fifty to make her actually appear.”

Result: “I tried this one night at my friends house but we had a battery opperated candle, instead of a regular one, so nothing happened.¬† I’ve heard legends of her killing people.¬† But mostly in the legends, people have gone in alone, so I advise you to always take a friend when you do bloody mary.”

Experience: “The ritual never worked for us, but one night while we were surfing the web looking up bloody mary storys, we found this sight.¬† I read faster so I was reading all the storys.¬† I probably read the words bloody mary 100 times.¬† When i woke up the next morning, there were three long scratches on my back.¬† They never faded either.¬† They stay bright red as a reminder never to say her name agian.¬† So I warn you, don’t say her name unless you want to suffer the consiquences.”

Other Comments From Nykkolle: “Please,¬† please be careful while reading these stories.¬† say B-Mary or just read them to yourself.¬† Don’t say her name outlound unless you want to see what is to become of you.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Nykkolle’ from¬†Salisbury, Missouri for submitting this legend.