If you look to the left, in the sidebar, you can see a bunch of locations, mostly the names of a bunch of states. Those are all of the different Bloody Mary Legends submitted to The Beyond by readers like yourself from all over the globe.

I’m sure that many of you have heard that the Bloody Mary Legend originated from Queen Mary I of England, but as stated on the main page, that idea really doesn’t make much sense if you analyze it with the other legends. If you look at the archive, you’ll see so many submissions about a lady that had her children taken from her, or some sort of evil witch that was burnt at the stake.

Why are all of these legends so different? Why are they so much alike? That’s the point of this experiment. We’re trying to figure out where this legend came from, and how much it’s like other legends all around the world. Because of that, we need your help.


We need to know about Bloody Mary in YOUR TOWN!

Every town all of the world has their own version of the legend. Please send us yours by filling out the little form below.

Now, I KNOW I’ve said this before, and I’m SURE I’ll say it again…

Whatever you do, PLEASE be thorough with your answers. I get a LOT of these submitted to the site, and I LOVE reading them all, but frankly, I can’t publish MOST of them because there’s simply not enough information submitted.

For example, if you don’t give my your city/state or province/ and country, I can’t use the submission. If your answers are only a few words, then there isn’t enough information for anyone to learn from. See what I mean? All I’m asking is that you take a minute, and think about what you’re typing into the answer fields.

That’s all I got! I appreciate you taking the time to fill out the form below.



Name: (or alias if you're paranoid)

Location: Please be specific. Without the City & State, I cannot use the legend. (Or country, province or territory outside the US)

Ritual: What do you do to make her(him,it) appear?

Result: After you've completed the ritual, what is supposed to happen?

Have you ever seen it work? (If you answer yes, please explain.)

Comments: (Anything else you wish to add.)