What is a Ouija Board?

Ya know, I had a poll on this very page for over a year asking that same question. If you’ve visited this page during that time, you MAY remember seeing it, or even remember the results that were here before I had to take it down.

If you HAVE been here in that time, you know that I am not exaggerating when I say that the VAST majority of people that had responded to the poll had agreed on their answer.


What is a Ouija Board?

The majority answer… A game. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Cynics aside, how does the paranormal community take the board?
The Ouija Board is a pretty controversial subject among all of us paranormal geeks. For the most part, if you attempt to have a conversation about the thing in the wrong crowd, you will be verbally attacked for even mentioning its use.

“Those things are evil! You shouldn’t EVER use them! HURRY! Let’s change the subject!”


It’s better to be a crackhead than someone who uses a Ouija board.

If so many people don’t even allow you to talk about it in their presence, how can you make any headway in learning about the subject?
I guess you’ll have to figure the whole thing out for yourself, since nobody is willing to help you. The image to the right is similar to one that you’ll find all over the web on MOST paranormal based websites. They don’t want you thinking about talking boards. They don’t allow discussions about them on their sites, and they certainly don’t want to help anyone use them, or even truly understand them. It’s just as well. Anybody who tries to tell you what’s really behind the board is clueless anyway, so you don’t want to learn from them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not exempt here. I’m clueless too.

Yup. Figure it out for yourself. Hopefully, the pages on this site will help you do that with an open mind.

This section of The Beyond has more info if you keep reading, and there’s a LOT more to our ‘Talking Boards’ area than just this page. Below, or to the left, in the sidebar, you will see the little menu that has all the pages for our Ouija section for you to visit. I hope you can get something out of them!


The Beyond Talking Board Pages…

Here on The Beyond, I’ve decided to dissect talking spirit boards. I want to examine what we know, what we THINK we know, the closed mindedness of paranormal researchers on the subject, as well as experiment with the board to try to actually learn something for a change.

Here’s a list of our Ouija pages. Just click them, to read more on the subject.