What is ITC?

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), for those of you that don’t know, is a really simple concept. All ITC is, is using technology, or some sort of technological gadget to attempt to communicate with the beyond. It’s that simple. For example, recording E.V.P. is the most common, and most popular method of ITC.

On this page of The Beyond, I’ll try to give you a quick rundown about ITC, and a few different types of methods in case you’re interested in giving it a try.

Who are we talking to?

To be clear, the idea of communicating with ‘The Beyond’ covers a lot of ground. We have no idea what is out there. The most popular theory is that we’re communicating with the spirits of dead people. This is PURE conjecture, and should be treated as such. Theoretically speaking, it could be anything from spirits of the dead to alien beings light years away, or the deceased spirits of alien beings light years away. It could be the spirit of the pets that belonged to alien beings light years away. They could be herpes infected monkeys operating on the fourth vibration!

It could be something intelligent that never actually existed in physical form… Which is an unsettling thought.

That thought brings me to one other thing that I want to add.  There seems to be zero stigma about using these methods of spirit communication in the paranormal research field. Yet, factually speaking, aside from their technological properties, they are no different from using a Ouija Board. In ALL cases we are dealing with the complete unknown. There is NO SUCH THING as a ‘controlled’ method of communication. There are no facts about whom, or what we are contacting, and should be treated with the same degree of caution.

The Pareidolia Problem

I wrote about this problem on my E.V.P. classifications page, but it’s an important factor when dealing with ALL methods of ITC, so I’ll repeat it here.

From Wikipedia, Pareidolia is “a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus (an image or a sound) wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.”

It’s like looking up at a cloud and seeing a turtle. You KNOW there’s no turtle up there, but your mind sees it anyway. The problem in the paranormal field is that it seems that MOST ghost hunters, and paranormal investigators don’t realize that their mind is making shit up. They actually believe there’s a frickin’ turtle up there.

In ALL ITC work, this is a big problem. Ghost hunters, and many less disciplined investigators tend to allow their imagination, and wishful thinking get the best of them to the point where they lose all credibility. Don’t be that guy. KNOW when to throw your evidence away.


The Methods

There are a lot of different methods to work with ITC. I’m going to try to list as many as I can remember off hand. If I miss any, please feel free to leave a comment. If you think I should elaborate on any of these, let me know as well. Maybe if I get inspired, I can give it its own section like I did our E.V.P. pages.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (E.V.P.)

As I stated a second ago, E.V.P. has it’s own big section here on the Beyond with a metric ton of information from recording methods, classifications, and even tutorials on how to clean it up with software. There’s nothing I can say on this page that I haven’t already written about in more detail there.

In short, and for the 2 people reading this that have no idea, Electronic Voice Phenomenon (E.V.P.) is anomalous voices, often believed to be of supernatural origin, reportedly heard on audio recordings during their playback. For more detailed information, Please visit our E.V.P. pages!

Faraday Cage

This isn’t as much of a method as it is something that you can use to enhance or augment your ITC experiments.  A faraday cage is a box or something that can be used to shield your device from radio signals, or electromagnetic fields. So, who cares? Well, for example, your microwave IS a faraday cage, as are those little metallic bags that hold your computer parts when you buy them. If you put your recorder into the (UNPLUGGED)microwave, and you record something… NOBODY can tell you that it was radio interference, or an electromagnetic surge. It was protected from that sort of interference.

White Noise (Video & Audio)

Using white noise is a very simple method to use whether you’re recording either video, or audio. With video, all you have to do is get a television set onto a UHF station or some other channel that has no broadcasts. You know what I mean? All you see is static. Simply point your camera at it, and record. If you want to ask questions, go ahead.

Afterwards, make sure you look at your video frame by frame, and see if any anomalies appear.

For audio, all you have to do is switch your radio to a station that has no signal. All you hear is, “SHHHHHHHHShHHHHHHSHHHH.” There’s your white noise. At that point, just do your E.V.P. recording session that you normally would.

The idea is that whatever is out there, ghosts, spirits, or whatever can use the noise to build off of, and make their own sounds, or images that you will hear, or see upon playing back your recording.

Feedback Loop

With this method, you hook your video camera up to your television, and set it to record.  Your television is showing what your camera is seeing. Your camera is pointed at your television creating a feedback loop. You’ll want to zoom in, and record the blurry cloudy images that are produced. Afterwards you’ll want to check every frame for anomalies.


On another page, I discussed using the ‘spectrogram’ for cleaning your E.V.P. recordings using Adobe Audition.

What I didn’t discuss on that page is a relatively new idea. The idea is that those spectral images created by software using the sound could potentially communicate VISUAL messages from beyond. Some see faces, or other images in the spectrum, while others see words. With that said, I have to say that as flawed people, we see what we want to see. At this point I’m not convinced that this is a real thing.


I saved this one for last as I really don’t consider it to be pure ITC, but more of a scrying/ITC hybrid. It’s actually really simple. Shine a light onto a pool, or big-assed bowl of water (or other reflective surface) so you can see the light reflection in your camera, and then simply disturb the water. Make ripples, and waves. Afterwards, transfer your video onto the computer, and view one frame at a time. You may see some crazy shit. On a personal note, I would be hard pressed to consider anything found this way as evidence of anything. This method has pareidolia, and wishful thinking written all over it.

Red Flag Items

I’ve recently spent over a thousand dollars on a big-assed telescope. I’m very happy with the purchase. I’m confident that the stars, and planets do in fact exist. I am also 100% confident that with this expensive device, I will be able to enjoy those celestial objects for many, many years.

I cannot say the same about any of the devices listed below. PLEASE, if possible avoid spending a lot of money on this stuff!

Spirit Box

This is a device that does what is called a ‘Radio Sweep.’ A radio sweep will automatically turn its own proverbial dial to quickly switch between radio stations. To understand what this sounds like, turn on your radio, and turn the dial quickly. Yeah, it’s that simple. Now, here’s why some people think that this is an important factor in recording ITC… When you’re flipping through the channels, you hear sounds, and fragments of sentences, and words being spoken as you go from station to station. Some researchers believe that those sounds can form words, and that hose words are actually communication by an intelligence on the other side.

Yeah, I’m not sure I buy it either.

If you’re interested in experimenting with this sort of thing, and you don’t wanna drop any cash, there are a ton of iPhone, and Android apps that do radio sweeps. Just get on your APP store and search for “Spirit Box.”

Just make sure you come back here, and let me know how it works for you!


It was designed by Digital Dowsing, and because a sucker is born every minute, it costs over 300 bucks. The Ovilus contains a pre-programmed dictionary of words, and phonetic syllables which it spits out based on environmental readings. Basically, what it is, is a device that has sensors which can allegedly detect electromagnetic fields, temperatures, wind currents, humidity levels, and fart density. It takes all of those readings, and information, and somehow digitally chooses a word in its pre-programmed dictionary. It then speaks that word.

For example, you ask, “Is there anyone there?”

It instantaneously takes its environmental readings, and says, “sacrilege.” Or, “entire,” or maybe nothing at all.

Listen, this section of The Beyond is about obtaining evidence. I’ve used one. I’m willing to change my thinking if given a solid reason, but I’ve seen NOTHING that leads me to believe that an Ovilus is even remotely applicable to gaining paranormal evidence.  If you feel compelled to try it out, I would suggest that you save your 300 bucks, and get an APP for your phone called Paratek. Each new version of the Ovlius that is released costs another 300 plus dollars. Each new version of Paratek is free, and it does the same job!


In conclusion, I hope that this page has given you a better understanding about what Instrumental Transcommunication is, and how to go about using it within your own experiments, ghost hunts, and investigations.