Back Story: “Legend has it that mary was Queen Mary of England. She bathed in the blood of little girls to remain young. (And you complain about bathing!:) The legend ’round here says Mary was a teenager back in i dont know what year,and everybody at her school hated her. One day,a group of mean girls decided to play a prank on her,and it went wrong. The girls asked Mary if she wanted to play truth or dare after lunch,and she did.She wanted to seem brave,so she went first,and picked dare. They dared her to go pee while naked in the barbwire fence.She did,but she got tangled up in the barbwire. She died,from bleeding to death or somethin of the sort. Not long after,a guy from the school found her. He,too,was a reject,and hated everyone at that school. He found a book of magic in the library,and he used a summoning spell to summon Mary’s ghost. He ordered her to kill everyone in the school,and she did. The only problem for him was that he was killed,too.Hence the name “Bloody Mary””

Ritual: “Go into a room with a mirror.Turn off all the lights except for a candle.say her name (bloody Mary,Bloody..)Three to thirteen times.Im not sure…”

Result: “she should appear in the mirror and it will look as if she is standing behind you with a knife.If you turn around,she’ll come out of the mirror and stab you.If you dont turn,you’ll see her stab you in the mirror.If you turn the light on,she’ll haunt you.”

Experience: “I’ve never seen it,but my friend has tried it.she turned on the light after seeing Mary,she said every night after that she would see Mary hovering in front of the bathroom door.she moved,and i dont know if Mary is still haunting her.”

Other Comments From Cera: “I have no comments.”

Personal Note: I have no monkeys. And since when have I complained about bathing?

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Cera’ from Strawberry Plains, Tennessee for submitting this legend.