My Conversational Method

Although Q&A, and provoking are used regularly during recording sessions by pretty much all paranormal investigators & ghost hunters alike, most of the conversational techniques that I’ve written for this page are not commonly practiced in the field, or at all (that I know of). This is my own personal conversational method that slightly deviates from the normal Q&A method that most people use. For lack of a better name, I’m simply calling it ‘The Beyond Method.’

For what it’s worth, I see ‘The Beyond Method’ as the polar opposite of ‘provoking‘. In Provoking, you’re using negativity, and ass-holeishness to get a rise out of whatever you’re dealing with. With my method, you’re attempting to use a positive connection to get results. I started usingĀ  this method years ago, and it’s worked well for me. If it’s not your thing, that’s okay.


Building Rapport

To get anywhere with people you HAVE to try to build rapport. Why should it be any different with possible supernatural entities? I know that that idea sounds a bit silly. I mean, how do you build a rapport with someone, or something that doesn’t respond to you? Hey, a lot of people talk to their car or other inanimate objects, and somehow those objects develop their own personalities within their owners imagination. With that in mind, is this idea really that far fetched?

So, the idea behind ‘The Beyond Method’ is to be conversational, and friendly while treating the ‘entity’ as if it’s right there in the room with you, and you’re simply INCLUDING it in whatever you’re doing.


The ‘How-To’

If you’re following the basic rules of being a paranormal investigator, or ghost hunter, you should never be investigating or hunting by yourself. With that said, this method works primarily with another investigator in the room with you, and playing along.

This is all about the art of conversation.


Preparing The Conversation

This conversational method consists of 4 main concepts that should be observed for it to work properly.

  1. Research: Whatever your conversation topic is to be, it should reflect whatever paranormal intelligence you’re dealing with, if at all possible. One of the most important things you and your partner should do before your E.V.P. session is research. If you can, learn about what you’re going to be recording first. If the alleged ghost is supposed to be a child from the 1980’s, then you’ll probably do well to add some Optimus Prime, and G.I. Joe into the conversation!
  2. Write Your Script: If you want to try this, as stated above, the best way to do it is to decide with your partner ahead of time what you want to talk about. It may even be a good idea to write a small script, and memorize it. Naturally improvisation would be helpful, but write it down so you both have your story straight.
  3. Add Jokes: You and your partner are going to want to have fun with this conversation. Laugh! Be silly! Like I said before, this method is the antithesis of provoking. You want to add fun, and positive energy into the E.V.P. Session.
  4. Add Questions: This is where it becomes interesting. This is the part of the method that enables you to engage the entity about what you and your partner are discussing.


General Instructions

With the simple Q&A method, all you have is people throwing questions out into the air, and waiting for a response. It works time and again, but it’s a VERY one way conversation. Put yourself in the ghosts shoes. Here you have two people or more, barely talking to each other, and they’re both throwing questions at you. It would probably be more than a bit intimidating.

The idea behind The Beyond Method is that everyone likes to be involved in a good, and fun conversation, and that NOBODY likes to be interrogated.

When you enter the room, introduce yourself to whatever is in there with you. Introduce your partner to the ghost as well.

In theory, when you’re conducting an E.V.P. session, there are at least 3 conscious minds in that room. There’s you, your partner, and the alleged entity. The goal here is to create a 3-way conversation. Have a conversation with your partner about things that you’d like the ghost to respond to, and while you’re talking, throw out questions to the entity. It’s that simple. Simply INCLUDE the ghost in the conversation.

All you have to do is ‘slow it down.’ Pause for a few seconds between jokes, statements, or questions. This will give the third party a chance to chime in.

Think about it. Imagine yourself on a bus, or in a waiting room, and two people that you don’t know are having a conversation. They seem very friendly, joking around, and they seem to be interested in what you have to say. They’re also trying to involve you in their conversation. Who would YOU rather talk to? Them, or the two that are just barking questions at you?

If you like the conversational style, and want to give it a try, I’d LOVE to hear how it works for you.