Back Story: “At my school, everyone has a different stories but this is the one that most people tell;
A young man called Thomas and woman named Mary had a fight over wether or not to have a baby. The man got so angry that he smashed her head into a mirror 3 times. Her face got deformed, and then slid down onto the floor to face her death.”

Ritual: “Go into a bathroom, turn off the lights, and turn on the taps, and look into the mirror. Say ‘Bloody Mary don’t  be lary. Bloody Mary come out now. Bloody Mary your not that scary. Bloody Mary untwist now’.”

Result: “Instead of your reflection, mary will appear, face deformed, but coming back to normal. In a few days while dreaming you will twist and twist intill your just a scrunched up ball.” 

Personal Note: That’s messed up, man.

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Izzie’ from Brighton, England for submitting this legend!