I’ve looked around, gone to other websites, and talked to people about the issue of creating a warning to those who find themselves interested in using the Ouija board.

What I got was pretty much the same thing I had before I started. Nothing! I got nothing with any REAL value or substance.

I decided to seek out people who were DEAD SET AGAINST using talking spirit boards, and all I got a bunch of crap about spirits on ‘lower levels’. Some claim that only people who died violently would be on a board… I heard nothing but the same regurgitated crap that I wrote about on our Superstitions Page, but NOTHING that I was told, or read could even remotely be taken seriously by anyone with half a brain, let alone be validated.

So, I’m gonna wing it.

Oh, and I have a message to you paranormal know-it-alls who want people to avoid, and be afraid of Ouija Boards… While this page will illustrate that I don’t COMPLETELY disagree with that idea, you all need to get some facts to work with. I’ve done my research, and so far I’ve heard NONE!  Get your shit together!



Ouija boards ARE NOT toys. Yes, you can buy them in every toy store and department store in America, (or at least you used to be able to)but that doesn’t mean that they’re safe.

Look, when you sit down to use a board, you truly do open yourself up to the beyond, and sometimes their ain’t no coming back. Contrary to a LOT of views on this stuff, and the paranormal know-it-alls, we have not yet even come close to scratching the surface on what’s truly out there. NOBODY can claim to know or really understand what’s on the other side of that board.

Do I believe it’s potentially dangerous? Yes, I do. If you aren’t prepared for this sort of thing, it can be a dreadful experience.

So, how can you prepare? That’s an impossible question to answer. If you have even the slightest doubt. You need to find a safer way to pass your time. Go play Playstation.

Well, that’s the best I have for a warning. If you have something you’d like to add, leave a comment! I’d love to make a more solid argument with FACTUAL information.

Flame on!