Everything a ghost hunter needs from dowsing rods to Ouija boards for NON-scientific hunts and investigations!

The things found on this page are themselves paranormal in nature, and are frequently considered to be controversial. Scientifically speaking, MOST, if not all of them would be almost impossible to use in order to gain FACTS on any scientific investigation as they require a spiritual belief system, or faith.

You cannot use the paranormal to find credible evidence of the paranormal. When you attempt to do this, all you do is add more mysteries, and questions. You can’t prove anything that way.

If you’re using one of these methods on an investigation or ghost hunt, and we don’t believe in it, what you tell us means NOTHING! To non believers, you’re either very gullible, or a liar.

¬†On the other hand…

¬†If you’re ghost hunting, and not looking for quantifiable scientific facts, a lot of these things can be quite useful if you know how to use them properly.

¬†The bottom line is you need to KNOW why you’re in the field in the first place. If you’re an investigator in it for facts, and scientific discovery, these tools are things to be avoided for the most part. If you’re ghost hunter that’s more interested in enjoyment, and personal enlightenment and discovery, then these may be great things for your arsenal.


Personal Protection

Everyone has their own religious or spiritual beliefs. Many investigators feel the need to say a prayer before dealing with the supernatural. Others carry around crystals, or other amulets that they believe give them protection from the unknown. Honestly, it doesn’t much matter what you use as long as you believe, and feel protected. To believers, not feeling protected can bring about negative feelings in the form of fear. Fear on an investigation can be a very unproductive thing.


Psychic Abilities

In the paranormal field, psychic abilities are quite possibly the most plentiful of all commodities. I’d estimate that about 90 percent of people involved or interested in the field will tell you how sensitive or psychic they are…And THAT is awesome. Because, for those that use these abilities in the field, they can come to other understandings about an alleged paranormal situation, unable to be revealed by mere gadgets or scientific methodology.


Holy Water

A lot of times, when you get finished with an investigation, you may be put into a situation where you either have to walk away knowing a place is haunted, OR you an make it a point to bless the house with holy water and do a prayer or something to make the spirit go away. You can’t do that without having holy water. Can you? I honestly don’t know, but if you need holy water, you need to go to a church and get some. You better learn the proper rituals in blessing something otherwise you might make matters worse.


Smudging Herbs

For those of you that don’t know, ‘smudging’ is a Native American method for cleansing the body of negative energy. It is said that before you can be healed or heal someone else, you have to be purified yourself. There are many different herbs used in smudging, each with their own reasons and effects. Look them up if you’re interested. A few of them are sage, sweetgrass, and cedar. These mediums can be bought online pretty cheap, but I’ve even seen them in Native American stores in the mall.


Dowsing Rods

By many, ‘dowsing’ is considered the oldest method for ghost and spirit detection. They’re kinda like a questionable EMF meter. In theory, brass ‘L Rods’ can detect magnetic fields without getting confused by the Earths electromagnetic field. If that’s true, and the theory that ghosts effect and/or produce electromagnetic fields is also true, then the ‘L Rod’ would lead you directly to the ghost. They can be bought online or in Occult stores for 15 bucks, and up.


Ouija Board

If you don’t know what a Ouija Board is then go to our Ouija Pages that have been written specifically to dissect the theories behind it as well as many people’s hatred for it. Let’s forget the controversy for a minute. They used to be sold any place that toys are sold. I haven’t seen one in a store in a LONG time. You MAY be able to find one in the board games section for around 20 bucks. Otherwise, you can look online for nicer, and more expensive models. On our Homemade Boards page you can learn how to make your own!



If we’re gonna bash Ouija boards for their dangerousness, we should probably include pendulums in that witch hunt… EVP too. And any other communication for that matter. Regardless, pendulums are used to communicate with spirits by holding their cord, and asking a question. The pendulum will swing in specific directions for specific answers. It’s a very simple concept. There are SO many different types of pendulums and I cannot give you an accurate price. Hell, you can even use the necklace around your neck.


K-II E.M.F. Meter

The K-II EMF Meter was already Discussed on our Meters Page, but there is another side to this gadget that needs to be mentioned. When it was used on “Ghost Hunters”, It was used in a NON scientific way. Allegedly this thing can be used to actually communicate with spirits. To use it in this way makes it no different from a Ouija Board or a pendulum. This is not a bad thing necessarily, but to use it this way can no longer be considered scientific, because its effectiveness cannot be quantified.