Back Story: “Over here, Mary is a canniblistic woman who drank the blood of her own kind and bathed in it as if it were water.¬† She used blood of only young women in order to keep herself looking young and spiteful.¬† Due to her horrible actions and behavior, she was locked in a dungeon to suffer without food, water, and whatever else she needed for her own nutrition.¬† She died in that cellar and now, her ghost is seeking revenge to whomever summons her spirit. Lesson learned, let the sleeping dog rest.¬† In other words respect the dead and let them sleep.”

Ritual:1. Turn off all lights in the whole house.

2. Light six candles and place them around the whole sink.

3. Use blood and write 666 on the mirror and say her name

4. Say Bloody Mary 10 times with your eyes closed but face the mirror

5. Open your eyes”¬†

Result: “Wait til a red image appears and focus but dont put your face close to the mirror or else she will attempt to scratch your eyes out, or break through, and pull you in so she can have a soul to take over in order to get back on this earth as a live soul.”

Experience: “Her face appeared in the mirror, i still the crack in my mirror from when she tried to break out because i put my face close to the mirror thinking that it wouldnt happen and a shard of glass scratched the side of my face as i peered into the mirror and i still have the scratch on my right cheek.¬† After i summoned her naughty spirit, the blood was smeared on the mirror as if it were licked off or something, ever since i’ve avoided mirrors even the one in my bedroom which i sleep in front of every night”

Other Comments From Sierra: “I would highly advise you not to do the bloody mary game in the mirror for it will lead to something you would not like and believe me, i am thirteen years old and i almost met death at a young age, you should do it i swere to you its not smart.¬† Disobey what i’m telling you right now and trust, you will regret not listening, you will either be hunted or watched by her spirit everynight or her face will appear in every last one of your dreams or it will be the last thing you see before you go 2 sleep.¬† You better believe that you are going to hear bumps in the night and look, you just might see tall things in black zooming past your bedroom door as did me and my friend saw, and 3 days after that matter, my aunt died.¬† I think that if you summon her spirit, she will hunt the ones you love most.¬† Believe you me, dont do it for you wil pay and regret it.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Sierra’ from¬†a bunch of¬†places in New York,¬†for submitting this legend, and doing it in such a colorful and entertaining way!