Back Story: “Legend has it that mary was Queen Mary of England. She bathed in the blood of little girls to remain young. (And you complain about bathing!:)).”

Ritual: “Go to a bathroom, shut off the lights and light a candle(red works best)Say “Bloody Mary” 3 times. Sometimes she gets picky so for max results you might want to try saying “Bloody Mary, I’ve got your baby!”

Result: “She comes out of the mirror and tears your eyes out. (Results may vary)”

Experience: “I did it with my friends. We ran out screaming. She had beautiful black hair. Too bad it was DRIPPING WITH BLOOD! I wanted to tell her to use conditioner but I got too scared.”

Other Comments From Veronica: “Never try this! I beg you! It ws so beatiful yet so terrifying! I don’t want anybody to do this. Please! Not my best idea. Just don’t try it. I read about it on here, and someone said not to try it. Now, I’m telling you not to try it (As tempting as it is to get your eyesmtorn out of your scull)”

Personal Note: How could you tell how beautiful her hair was when it was covered with blood? And more importantly, when have I EVER complained to you about bathing? Not once. Bathing is good. :)

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Veronica’ from¬†Staten Island,¬†New York¬†for submitting this legend, and harassing me on our shoutbox until I put it up! hehehe