Back Story: “Our Bloody Mary was never revealed to have a mortal backstory; she is just an evil spirit that can come through mirrors.¬† She most often carries a dead infant, and whether she killed it or it was killed by someone else varied.”

Ritual: “Summoning Bloody Mary takes a bit of orchestration.¬† One person must stand in front of the bathroom mirror.¬† Others must be standing by to flush the toilets (every toilet in a public bathroom, or all the toilets in a house).

The Process:

1. Turn off the lights.

2. Light six candles and place them around the whole sink.

3. While the toilets are flushing, the person in front of the mirror chants “Bloody Mary” thrice.

*Optional additions* Have someone flip the lights three times in sync with the “Bloody Mary” chant.¬† Turning on the tap is also a variation.

Result: “Bloody Mary appears in the mirror, with a baby, both covered in blood.¬† She will scream at you and throw the corpse of her child through the mirror into your arms.¬† You MUST catch the baby or she will kill you.

If there is no baby involved, she will just come through the mirror and start killing people.

Sometimes blood or an unidentified liquid is reported to run from the taps, if they’ve been turned on.”

Experience: “We did this a few times in early elementary school (I think by 4th grade we considered ourselves “too old”).¬† It usually involved lots of running and screaming, and someone would always claim to have seen or felt something.¬† I can’t report any personal confirmation of an appearance.”

Other Comments From Etoile: “I haven’t seen any other reports of the legend including a baby’s corpse, but it was a standard part of our legend.

It was also difficult to pull off, considering the amount of cooperation it demanded, so if it didn’t work to the desired effect, we often argued that there was some minor detail that ruined the ritual, and that it worked if done properly.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Etoile’ from¬†Hammond, Louisiana,¬†for submitting this legend! This was a good one. It was unique, and I must say, ¬†a bit condescending regarding the maturity of people into this sort of thing.