Back Story: “Once there was a 17 years old girl named Mary. She had gotten a car from her parents. One night when she was out driving she lost control of her car and crashed into a tree. Her face had been destroyed in the crash, and she had fallen into a coma. After she had been in coma for a while, the doctor thought she was dead. Her mother could not stand the thought of loosing her, so she got her buried in her back yard. But still she would not believe that she was dead so she drew a thread from the coffin up to a bell over the ground. So if she’d wake up she could pull in the thread and her mother would hear the bell ringing. One night her mother woke up because she thought she heard the bell, but when she opened her eyes it turned silence. She thought she had been dreaming and got back to sleep. The morning after she went to get the newspaper, she got outside and noticed the bell had fallen off the stake. She quickly got help to dig up the grave. When they opened up the coffin they saw that she had scratched her fingernails off, they were attached to the top inside the coffin. She had scratch marks in her face and on her arms. Her white hair was soaked in blood, and her skin was as white as the snow where the blood hadn’t colored it. Her eyes were no longer blue, they were red. And there was a little path from her eyes down her face of bloody tears. She had bled to death. The day today she still goes around haunting mirrors looking for the doctor that told her mother she was dead.”

Ritual:1) Go to a bathroom.

2)Light some candles, and turn on the water.

3)Turn of the light.

4)Close your eyes.

5)Say “Bloody Mary” when you face the mirror while spinning 3 times.

6)Stop while facing the mirror and open your eyes. ”

Result: “She will appear in the mirror and she will scratch out your eyes or kill you. The legend says that the last thing you’ll hear before you bleed to death from the damages she has caused on your face is; Now you look like me.
The reason she does this is because of her face.  She is embarrased to show her face. So she kills the ones that see’s it”

Other Comments From ‘Martine’: “This is the version I’ve heard. There is a possibility that i have managed to mix it with other stories… But this is the one i’ve heard, and you asked for our version of it.
I would strongly recomend you to never try this, but still curiosity is hard to control.

Hope you enjoy this version. :)”

Personal Note: Thank you Martine, I DEFINATELY enjoyed this one. I love a story about someones face getting destroyed, and then getting buried alive. It really makes my day.

Speaking of which, this one is believable to an extent. Back in the day, this kind of thing happened all the time, the buried alive thing. It was YEARS before cars were invented though, but still. That whole thing with the bell was a common thing done for those who were worried of being buried alive. Even George Washington had a ‘fail-safe’ set up,  just in case if it were to happen to him.

About your ritual… Dude, if I were to shut my eyes, and spin around like that in the bathroom, I’d fall over and crack my head open on the side of the toilet.

Do this at your own risk. :p

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Martine’ from Arendal, Norway for submitting this legend! Good one!