Back Story: “There has been clippings on many different point of views of how this “Bloody Marry Legend” has started. Soo many different possible ways that people have said to be what happens and what she’s about,what you have to say to summon her. This is probably as true as you’ll hear it, Coming from my own point of view. Giving the help of clippings I have read over a year ago. See obviously Marry was this woman, she was about the age of 24 or so, She was in an abusive relationship. One Sunday Morrning her partner got packed with abunch of anger, Marry got in his way and he hit her in the back of the head with a canlde holder. Leaving the back of her head wounded very badly. She lyed on the living room floor for a half an hour, her partner comes in the room and finishes her off with the candle holder. When Marry fell her body landed next to this antique mirror they had bought quite along time ago. While her body hit the floor the back of her head touched the mirror, leaving blood smeared on it. It’s very possible that Marry’s spirit got transfered into the antique mirror,something sounding paranormal and crazy but it IS very possible as well. [So it’s said that when you look into a mirror it reflects your soul]. Her family had her cremated, so she was never brutaly bashed to a pulp or nor was she barried. So it’s said that the legend of Bloody Marry runs through the mirrors.&.once you summen her it allows her to look into your soul, if she see’s your good to the people you love you won’t be haunted in any way you’ll just see her once.&.thats it,but if your not good to the ones you love and hurt them abusivly through touch or just words she’ll haunt you, where as everytime you see your reflection you’ll see her.”

Ritual: “In the clippings the way to summon her is to go into the bathroom, shut the lights off.&.have a lit white candle held underneath your chin. You have to look deeply into the mirror looking straight into your eyes.[Meaning when you do this your looking into your soul].anyways you do that you meditate on it for 5 minutes than take a deep breath in and as you blow out say “Bloody Marry” three times. After you have said that you blow the candle out.&.keep starring into your eyes for about 10 seconds.”

Result: “After you keep starring into your eyes for 10 seconds, you see her in your right eye, than you get a quick black shadow that goes behind your reflection in the mirror, you blink and it’s over. than you turn back on the lights and go as you were.”

Other Comments From x.Jessiie.x: “Just another thing..[.Marry does not kill you,that part I believe is the myth part. she was a gentle woman if you read the clippings, harming some teenager or adult would be like her murdering an innocent baby, she wouldn’t do that, that.. The media turned it into some big thing,for screams,just like they turned the little boy getting possessed into a demonic girl with powers,taking the story a little too far for kicks.].But I mean people believe what they want.”

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Thanks: Thanks To ‘x.Jessiie.x’ from Ontario, Canada for submitting this legend.