Back Story: “Our legend over here is about a girl named Mary. One day Mary dropped a knife on her mother’s toe. Her mother extremely mad took the knife of her bloody toe and killed Mary. She took Mary’s dead body and threw it in the ocean. How does this connect to mirrors? Well when she was thrown in the ocean there was a little peace of glass from a mirror on her.”

Ritual: “We don’t have specific ritual over here. We literaly have quite a few, but they’re pretty similar. Here’s one of them: You go into a dark room but not to dark. Here we go into our school bathroom when there’s a black out. Then we go in front of the mirror. We then spin around and say her name three times. After th third time we look in the mirror.”

Result:There are a couple of things that are said to happen:
1. She will come out of the mirror and kill you with the knife that she had been killed with.
2. She will give you a warning in some way.(I can’t remember what the warning is.)
3. She will come and kill you a week later”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Selma’ from Dollard-des-ormeaux, Montreal, Canada for submitting this legend.