Back Story: “This one I got from my older sister, though they never mentioned any little kids. They always said that she was someone who had been executed unjustly, by decapitation if memory serves. They did mention Queen Mary of England, but as history shows, this was the folly of youth.”

Ritual: “You went into the bathroom, the more the better in my sister’s story, turned out the lights, shut the door, and faced the mirror. You then said “Bloody Mary” 3 times.”

Result: “At this point in time, Mary appears, with head still semi-attached. I remember my sister saying the decapitation was a failure, so a few tendons remain. Now, to you she appears to be in the mirror, and she naturally scares you, so you start to back away. Big mistake, you are only seeing her reflection, in reality she is behind you. At this point she grabs you and whoever comes into the bathroom next finds a your blood all over the place, no body though.”

Experience: “Tried it multiple times, always under the watchful supervision of my sister. I always ran before I said “bloody Mary” a third time. My sister claims she has seen it work, and that if you don’t back up you can flee the room before she nabs you. Ah, the folly of youth. ”

Other Comments From Jeremy: “I like this story, I have heard many renditions. I doubt most people who claim it works, sorry, I am very skeptical. In my home town, we also have a legend about an insane woman who lived with her her of goats for so long in the canyon that she started to kill anyone who went up there. They even say her ghost is still up there, that you can hear it running around laughing and making bleating noises. I have friends who swear they have heard her, so who knows, maybe a thousand years from know every canyon will have a resident goat lady.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Jeremy’ from Tooele, Utah for submitting this legend. This was a good one!