Back Story: “We called her Bloody Mary, and she went to Hart School. She was in the 5th grade when she died. This is her story. Supposely, her name was Mary, but I’ve never heard her last name. She went to the top floor girl’s bathroom. While she was in her stall, someone stabbed her and escaped by jumping out the window. She managed to scream, and crawled out her stall, only to die. Teachers came out, and found Mary all bloody. Then she became all white and red, her uniform(our school had uniforms), became a white dress covered in blood. Her hands became claws and she killed everyone in the restroom execpt her crush and her 2 best friends. A year or two later, her crush went out with a girl Mary really hated, so she killed them both.”

Ritual:1) Go to a bathroom or closet with a mirror.
2-5) You can do this in any order you want: flick the lights on and off 3 times, flush the toilet 3 times, turn the sink on and off 3 times, and say ‘Bloody Mary’- you guessed it- 3 times.

Rmember to light 1 or 2 candles, this effects your result.”

Result: “Depending on how many candles you lit,

1 Candle- Your face will be all scratched up, or if you really mad her mad, you’ll be dead.

2 Candles- Bloody Mary will pull you into her ‘world’. She will attempet to kill you. If you spray water on her, you will be okay- for now…”

Experience: “I lit 2 candles. I was 5, so I was very scared. Some 5th graders dared me to do this. I was pulled in her world. She told me her story, then said she was going to add me to her ‘family’ of those she killed. Those she killed become one of her, a ‘Bloody Mary Creature’ the 5th graders said. I sprayed water on her and she dissappered. She still haunts me, trying to kill me. ”

Other Comments From Lil Miss ‘Of The Darkness’: “Believe me or not about ‘my’ Bloody Mary, I don’t care, but it happened to me.” (I can just see her flamboyantly¬†snapping her fingers while saying this)

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Skella of the Darkness’ from Chicago, Illinois for submitting this legend, and giving us all a pre-emptive attitude!