Back Story: “What I have heard is that Mary is this girl that got in a car accident and the doctor pronounced her dead. So her family buries her in a casket in front of her house. At about midnight Mary wakes up and finds a string tied to her pinky finger, and on the other end is a bell. She panics and starts pulling on the string and she is scratching the casket with her nails. The next morning her family wakes up and sees the bell on the ground. So they dig Mary up, and find all of her nails in the casket door, and she has blood all over her and on the casket. That is how the story of Bloody Mary came to be.(well as i have heard it)”

Ritual: “The Ritual is that if you go into the bathroom with one lit candle and close your eyes, and turn around saying Bloody Marry 3-100 times, she will appear and claw your eyes out until death, as she did to the casket until she died. When your done saying Bloody Marry 3-100 times look in the mirror and she will claw your eyes out.”

Result: “After you complete the Ritual then Bloody Mary will be there and claw your eyes out until death.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Jessica’ from Pemberville, Ohio for submitting this legend.