Back Story: “In Ohio, everyone seems to have a slightly different opinion of Bloody Mary. The most common is that she was a woman named Mary Tudor who was hanged for killing several people and drinking their blood. (Often one of the victims was her own child. Interestingly enough, her husband is almost never mentioned.) She is usually described as being in her mid-twenties or thirties, with long, straight, blonde hair, fair skin and immense beauty of a sinister sort.”

Ritual: “The simplest Bloody Mary ritual of all, without a doubt. We in Ohio simply lock the door of a bathroom, or any room with a mounted mirror, really, turn off all the lights, and say “Bloody Mary” three times in a row. And we can’t look away. The number of people in the room doesn’t matter, but it usually isn’t over four or five.”

Result: “Bloody Mary’s face appears in the mirror over the face of the person who says her name. That person will be killed by Bloody Mary unless the lights are turned on before Mary can escape the mirror, or the person can be pulled in.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Kafrin L. Aoida’ from Wooster, Ohio for submitting this legend.