Back Story: “There was a girl, not named Mary, something common, Sarah or Jessica, something. Anyway,she lived in a really po- dunk town in Texas. She had TERRIBLE problems at home, her parents beat her, and I think her dad molested her. So one day she comes home pregnant (not her dad’s kid)and her parents find out. They come into her room all sweetie pie-ish, and then out of nowhere they’re all “we know” and they take a dagger and stab the stomach first. She dies and they burned the body and sprinkle it all over the freeway. After the investigation the mom goes to the bathroom and lites a candle(I know gross right?)and drops it. she’s all paranoid and goes Sarah Sarah Sarah!!! or Jessica Jessica Jessica.., something. The house burns and the mom sees Sarah or Jessica in the mirror with a bloody dagger and a baby. Sarah/Jessica says, ” in my human life I have not seen my child, so you shall not see anyone!” she rips out the mom’s eyes and the mom burns in the fire… and they all live happily ever after!”

Ritual: “scream Sarah, Sarah Sarah or Jessica Jessica Jessica all scared with a candle lit and jump up and down. And SHUTTER!”

Result: “After this has been done Bloody Mary appears behind you, but when you turn around no one is there, but in the next few days you die a bloody death, and join Mary in the mirror.”

Experience: “You see a girl with a baby, both smiling with a bloody dagger, covered in blood, you inexplicably get pregnant and the baby comes out grinning(sell the kid!), you are found later with your eyes ripped out and burned but no fire,or you just become insane by the ugly image”

Personal Note: Happily ever after? Sell the kid? HOLY SHIT!

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Lissy’ from Houston, Texas for submitting this legend.