Back Story: Anne de Chantraine, (This only gained popularity down here after Atmosfear 3 was released), at 17 years of age, Anne was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. She got highly ticked off over this and seeks revenge from anyone who dares to try this.

Ritual: Taking the family cat with you, darken the bathroom, light a black candle on the window, and chant “Mea Culpa Anne”, meaning I Am Culpable, or I am to blame. You’re taking the blame for the accusations made at her when she was burned alive, three times while looking into the mirror.

Result: 1st chant- Mirror turns black with no reflection showing in it, and then it begins to bleed and the taps start to run with blood.
2nd chant- Entire bathroom becomes engulfed in flames except for where you are standing.
3rd chant- You look straight into the mirror and a face of an evilly grinning, sadistic looking face of a woman surrounded in an eerie glow appears.
Then the mirror bubbles and looks watery as she comes out with claws and teeth bared, ready to attack, and says in an almost screeching voice, “person’s name, I have come to take your soul to my side of this mirror”. You then become the mirror witch unless you remembered to take the cat, because she can’t leave the mirror with the cat present. It keeps
the spirits of the dead in the realm of the dead.

Personal Note: The location is indeterminable. This was well written, which is why it is included in this collection.

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Raven’ from Neath for submitting this legend. Wonderfully written, I might add. (Don’t know where Neath is.)