Back Story: “In NZ Mary is said to be the daughter of Henry the and Catherine of Aragan.  She is said to have bathed in children’s blood to keep herself young.  One day she was killed by a child’s father, the father was decapitated and Mary earned the name Bloody Mary and was buried at the top of a hill where no one should ever go or they’ll be cursed.”

Ritual: “There are two things my friends and i did.

1. Stand in a dark room with six friends and a small black mirror.  Get one friend to gaze into the mirror and have another count when he/she says Bloody Mary to make sure they say it thirteen or sixteen times.  Thirteen seems to be most popular.  If the person who is gazing in the mirror he/she should scream, flick on the light, one friend must dive under the covers, another must run out the door and the mirror must be dropped on the ground but never broken.  Then eat four lollies, strawberry fruit bursts, and lie on the couch and wait for 10 minutes.

2. Stand in a bathroom with one person, chant “Bloody Mary, oh so mad, please come and talk of your story so sad.  We won’t hurt you, nor will we mock you, only will we give you a question, that you knew long ago,”
If she appears smile sweeting and open your arms as if you want to hug her.  Don’t let the light be switched on and when waiting don’t make a sound.”

Result:1. Strange sounds should happen when you wait on the couch.  Have one person hold something heavy and it should float around the room, turning red every few minutes.

2. Mary should smile back at you and also open her arms as if she wanted to hug you then you can ask her two questions.  One must be concerning her death, the other her childhood.  If any are out of subject she will glare, disappear and steal something precious from you and also give you a mark so deep you can see your bones.”

Experience: “I did both.  The first one after my friend (Courtney) looked into the mirror and dropped it i held the tomato sauce can in the living room and Blood Mary picked it up, threw it around and gave it back to me but threw it at my hands.

The second one me and my friend (Nakita) did it and she smiled and pretended to hug us.  I asked her how did she feel before she died and how did Henry the 8th treat you as a child.  She said she felt guilty and scared before her death and she said that Henry treated her like the enemy and that a religious person shouldn’t be with the people who were fighting against the religious people.  She spoke little of her mother and cried a bit.  Nakita a little bit too and Mary smiled at her for caring.  But then a loud thump sounded outside the door and she scowled, glared and disappeared, taking my toothpaste with her.”

Personal Note: This was a good one. Well done. As for the experience… I’m taking it with a big grain of salt. Next time video tape it. :)

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Lily’ from Oamaru, New Zealand for submitting this legend.