Back Story: “I don’t know where she came from. She was murdered and her kids were taken form her and she wanted to get revenge on the person who took her kids and murdered them and who ever did this she was supposed to get revenge on.”

Ritual: “You turn all lights, sounds until it’s dark and no sound is being made. You and ONLY you can be in the place where you’re¬† doing it .It can be in front of any mirror, does not have to be in a bathroom. Light 6 candles and place them into a shape that looks like a pentagram. Light them all on the floor stand in the middle of the pentagram and in front of the mirror. Make sure the figure is big enough to where you can move freely.¬† Say Bloody Mary 3 times, and while you say it turn around 3 times, and say I’ve got your child 3 times, and turn 3 more times while u say it. And look real good into the mirror.”

Result: “Bloody Mary is supposed to come out of the mirror and ask if u have her kids and if u say no she will take her nails and scratch your face and leave 3 marks on your face and she will torture u until she gets revenge.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Tabby Burgess’ from Smyrna, South Carolina for submitting this legend.