Back Story: “The legend hasn’t traveled over here as yet but the game has but I do know that Mary the queen of Scotts and Mary 1 has nothing to do with it. Because the legend hasn’t originated from here.”

Ritual: “Go into to the bathroom and turn out the lights you put your hands beside both of your eyes and press your face to the mirror and say Bloody Mary 3 times.”

Result: “After this has been done Bloody Mary appears behind you, but when you turn around no one is there, but in the next few days you die a bloody death, and join Mary in the mirror.”

Experience: “I have seen this ritual been done although nothing has ever happened when I’ve been there.”

Personal Note: I’m glad that you didn’t get it to work for you. Otherwise, we’d be chanting “Bloody Leigh” to get YOU to come out of the mirror to kill us… and I’d make a webpage about you.

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Leigh’ from West Yorkshire, England for submitting this legend.