Back Story: “Legend has it that Mary was a witch back in the early eighteenth century. She was an old woman wishing to regain her once youthful appearance. She apparently lived in a small, haggard cottage deep in the woods nearby a local village. One night a local farmer noticed a flickering light coming from the woods, he thought nothing of it. This was until one night when his young daughter began to ‘sleepwalk’ from their house into the woods. In a desperate attempt to stop his daughter, he woke his wife and followed the girl into the woods in an attempt to wake her up and bring her home. The man succeeded in doing so, only realizing that the girl was in a trance like state following the light. The next day the farmer spoke to the other villagers to see if they had noticed the light and if any of the village daughters had been lured towards it. On finding out that others had, the village set out on a trek into the woods to see what it was. Whilst in the woods they came across the witch’s cottage and saw her drinking the blood the of a young girl [in an attempt to regain her youth], in a blinded rage the villagers tied the witch to a stake in her garden and burnt her. Whilst the witch began to burn she screeched a curse on the villagers that if anyone was to say her name in their homes she would return to kill those who spoke of her.”

Ritual: “First you go into a room alone that has a mirror a [a bathroom seems to be the common place], lock the door and turn off the light. You are then supposed to place candles beneath the mirror. Stare into the mirror and repeat “Bloody Mary” six times into the mirror. This seems to work better at night.”

Result: “After you complete the ritual, Mary is supposed to either appear above your left shoulder and either leave you in piece or leave you covered in scratches, or in some cases she kills you.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Rebekah’ from Lincoln, England for submitting this legend. Good one. Well thought out.