Back Story: During the 17th century, Mary was a sick twisted woman who was known to kill animals and steal cats from the Florence villagers. They say she would eat the animals raw and would torture them. She would do this to all but the cats. Due to this, the villagers though she was a witch and she would use the cats for black magic/witch craft. The villagers of Florence teamed up and decided to kill her. The villagers didn’t kill her right away. They actually tortured her, so she can know what it felt like. After several months of torture, the villagers finally killed her by burning her alive.

Ritual: There are actually two rituals.
First Ritual:

1. Dress up in PURE red.
2. Go into your bedroom light 16 candles .8 red, and 8 black. Put them in order like so: black, red, black, red etc. You must form a circle.
3. Stand in the circle with the lights off of course.
4. Spin around in the circle 13 times and say “bloody Mary” 13 times as you spin.
5. When you’re done turn blow the candles out and go to bed.

Second Ritual:
1. Go into your bedroom or bathroom, and light 6 candles, 3 Black, and 3 Red, in a straight line in front of the mirror. Make sure the black is the one the left, and the red is on the right.
2. Turn off the lights.
3. Hold out your arms as if you are getting ready to jump off a building.
4. Close your eyes, and say, “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, I wish you to appear upon me, for I have a present for thee.” Then, open your eyes, and just stare deep in the mirror, and try not to blink. Your face should start to change. It doesn’t happen in a second it takes a minute or two.


Result: Result for 1st ritual:
You will have a nightmare, and the dream will be Mary’s life. When you wake up, your face or body should be covered in scratches.

Result for 2nd ritual:
The mirror should shatter, and blood will come out of the cracks if you stare long enough without blinking.

Other Submitted Information: “Well I’ve seen number one work, but number two no. I was at my friends house and we both did it. I had a dream and sure enough it was about Mary’s life. In the morning I was covered in scratches. The ones on my arms were somewhat deep. My mom actually though I was cutting my self. My friend was scratched really badly too, but she her scratches were worse because she actually made fun of the whole thing. She literally insulted Mary, but she didn’t know it. WARNING: YOU MUST NEVER EVER SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT MARY. SHE WILL HEAR YOU EVEN IF YOU DONT THINK SHE CAN, BELIEVEĀ  ME SHE CAN HEAR EVERY WORD YOU SAY. ALSO, FOR RITUAL NUMBER ONE, YOU MUST BREAK THE CANDLES AND LIGHT THEM ON FIRE. LET ALL THAT WAX TURN INTO LIQUID AND GET RID OF IT. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS SHE WILL HAUNT YOU!!!!!!!”

Personal Note: This was a GREAT submission. It was very well written, and I barely had to do any editing! That’s a beautiful thing!

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Isabel’ from Florence, Italy for submitting this legend. Good to hear from friends on the other side of the pond!