Back Story: “I would really love to know the real story of Mary Black. I have heard stories from people who have visited her gravesite but although I lived very near the grave site, I never visited the actual grave. I can tell you that I have researched the history of Taylor Township, Lawrence County, PA and found that she really did live there. Her last will and testament is accessible on the internet. Once you read it you do get the impression that she was a hateful woman. I seem to remember that her children were written out of her will but a grandson was included. Therefore, she didn’t die a premature death. Anyone may find the same information on the internet as I did. The point is, she really did exist.
You may remember the murder of a woman and her child in New Castle, PA in the late 70’s or early 80’s committed by devil worshipers. They were caught and it was revealed in the New Castle News that they went to Mary Black’s grave after committing the murders and threw the knife into the Sportsman’s Lake near her grave.”

Ritual: “I don’t get involved in such things. Last thing I would want would be to evoke an evil spirit.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘DVD’ from West Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for submitting this thing.