Back Story: “Mary Black was a witch that was able to be beckoned from the dead, and her grave was located near Turkey Hill. I am not sure how she died it was an old story told in the area. My relatives live on Turkey Hill.”

Ritual: You go in a room with a mirror in it, light a candle, turn off the lights, and say her name 100 times.

Result: When you turn the lights on, your face is supposed to be scratched and bloody.

Other Submitted Information: “We attempted to go to her grave and there were dead animals hanging in the trees. We got scared and turned around. I grew up with my neighbors older sister having a piece of her grave stone in her bedroom, and was always curious of the truth in it.”

Personal Note: Now, this person says that they are from ‘Wampum PA’. That fact alone proves my point that there are far too many versions of this thing. I grew up in a little area of New Castle PA called, ‘Mahoningtown’, That makes Big H and I practically related. I’ve never heard this submitted version of the story.  See what I mean?

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Big H’ from Wampum, Pennsylvania for submitting this legend. (I LOVE hearing from people back home!)