Back Story: Well in my city, Adelaide, it was pretty much the basic, general ritual and story, but usually it was either, the modern version: Mary died in a car crash, OR it was the old version: She died burning at the stake. And in both of the stories it was always, if you summon her, she leaps from mirror to mirror in your house until she finds you.

Ritual: You have to go into the bathroom, turn off all the lights, light candles and place them both beside the mirror, spin around 13 times whist chanting Bloody Mary.

Result: She is supposed to appear behind your left shoulder, and gouge out your eyes, but if you get away in time, she chases you in all the mirrors you pass until she reaches you and then she will kill you.

Other Submitted Information: “I have tried it before, and it hasn’t worked, but my friend I did it with, claims she saw a head bobbing up and down behind her left shoulder.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Snarkie’ from Adelaide, Australia for submitting this legend. It’s interesting how similar your story is to ours in America. Makes ya think.