Back Story: “Mary Black was born in 1800 in Ireland, I havent yet done the research to know when she came to this country, she died in 1888.  Probably being from the backwoods of Ireland it IS very likely that she practiced the Old Religion, or what we call Witchcraft.   She was supposedly the High Priestess or leader of the area coven.  From what Ive read about her, a child or other relative of hers married into the Tindall family, this is why she is buried in the Tindall cemetery.  Her gravestone was stolen from the cemetery and eventually ended up in the local Vo-Tech school parking lot.  The Lawrence County Historical Society now has the tombstone in their safe custody.  Her remains were dug up and moved because of the popularity of her legend and the ensuing vandalism.  The last time I visited the site, ALL of the graves were dug up, by who or why I have no idea!”

Other Submitted Information: “I do know that on one occasion when attempting to visit the site, the car broke down twice but we eventually made it there. Out of the 6 or 7 of us that went only two didnt chicken out, myself and a young kid named Willy.  Within months of that visit Willy committed suicide at age 15.  On another visit we pulled over to the path which leads back to the graves, while exiting the vehicle we looked up and in the moonlight we could plainly see a group of black hooded figures facing us at the top of the first hill on the path, needless to say we hightailed it out of there!  Also strange lights can be seen back there at night.  This cemetery is right in the middle of a woods next to a swamp!  Very STRANGE place!”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Mike James’ from Wampum, Pennsylvania for submitting this legend.