Back Story: “I live in Harpenden, England. The local legend for Bloody Mary is that one year in the 1600’s the wheat crops were infected with a kind of fungus that makes you go into a deep, death like sleep. Mary was a 17 year old girl with long, dark hair and grey eyes. She ate some bread made with the poisoned wheat, went into the sleep, and subsequently her family thought she was dead and buried her. The science wasn’t totally great then, so they tied a string to Mary’s hand leading up to a bell on the surface that would ring when it was pulled. Her mother was distraught and sat beside her grave for 2 days, until she was forced inside by the snowy weather. The snow came down for days, trapping Mary’s family inside. After the storm, they came out to find the bell pulled over and the string loose, like it had been pulled. They dug Mary up and opened her coffin. The lid was covered with bloody scratch marks and her dress, hair and face were covered with blood, REALLY dead this time.”

Ritual: 1) In a dark room, bathroom, spare bedroom ect. wait until the early hours of the morning; this was when they opened the coffin

2) Light a single candle; they saw Mary’s body with only one candle

3) In front of a mirror, say “Bloody Mary” 17 times; once for each year of her life. No one knows why a mirror, it was lost to history

4) Turn around in a circle once

Result: 5) Mary will appear in the mirror and scratch any exposed skin on your body within view of the mirror. This usually means your face.

6) Blow out the candle.

Experience: “When I heard about the legend, I just had to try it, to scare my friends at a sleepover or prove it wrong. I went into the spare bedroom at 2am, a tiny room with a large mirror in it and called Mary. She appeared in the mirror, her face twisted in pain or sadness, and clawed my arms and face. I screamed and blew out the candle, and my friends ran in. They had to take me to hospital to get the scratches sewn up, but we just told the doctors it was a cat. Me and my friends vowed never to call Mary again, in case she did worse than just scratch us. I have the scars to show.”

Thanks: Thanks To ‘Claudia’ from Harpenden, England for submitting this legend. Great stuff!